First Whitetail Buck: A Successful Hunt with @Phil Polston's Guidance

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Gear Setup
Saddle Hunting Setup #TethrdNation

Whitetail Buck

  • compound bow
  • 7
    antler tines
  • saddle
    setup type
  • public
    land type
  • 27
    distance (yards)
  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats again man👊

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Mike thanks dude!

  • Phil's avatar

    You owe nothing to me. I was thinking about all of the good times and memories we have created so far over the past couple years. Can’t wait to keep making them over this lifetime. It’s a pleasure to have you as a friend and a hunting partner. If anything, I owe you.

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Phil haha whatever man. We can call it even then if ya want 😂. Cheers to lots more. A gobbler is up next here soon!

  • Stephen's avatar


  • Brayden's avatar

    @Stephen thank you Stephen! I appreciate it!

  • Scotty's avatar

    Nice buck buddy!

  • John's avatar

    Congrats on the kill 👊 It’s a rush that’ll keep you going back for years to come. Sounds like all the hard work has paid off nicely 🏹

  • David's avatar

    Congratulations again bud! I think you had a great teacher in "Philly The Goat" @Phil . Someday you may be able to mentor someone and pass on that knowledge.

  • Phil's avatar

    @David don’t let him fool ya. He’s a good hunter. He teaches me some things too. We are figuring it all out together. We’ve already got a few under our wings.

  • Brian's avatar

    The second @Braydenrealesed the arrow!

  • Tom's avatar

    That’s a great buck and your first too. Congratulations now go shoot an old gobbler in the face. 😜

  • Lisa's avatar

    🦌He is a beautiful buck, Brayden! Congratulations! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Scotty thanks Scotty!

  • Brayden's avatar

    @John haha you ain’t kidding. I’m hooked

  • Brayden's avatar

    @David man I hope so! Phil has definitely been a great mentor!

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Brian haha more like me just standing on my platform shaking and telling Phil what happened. Hoping I made a good shot. Thankfully I did lol

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Tom thanks man! That’s the plan! Going after em hard!

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Lisa thank you so much Lisa!!

  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice job congratulations 💪💪

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Tyler thanks buddy!

  • Zakk's avatar

    Man congrats 👊🦌

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Zakk thank you Zakk!!

  • Zakk's avatar

    No problem

  • David's avatar

    @Phil hes a quick learner.

  • Ferg's avatar

    Solid work dude, congrats man

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Ferg I appreciate that Ferg!!

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Brayden yer welcome man

  • Chris's avatar

    Very nice!

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Chris thank ya Chris!

  • Amy's avatar


  • Buck's avatar

    Nice buck great to get out there and harvest a deer. This was mine

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Amy thanks Amy!

  • Brayden's avatar

    @Buck heck ya bud! That’s a nice one! Good job 🔥

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GoWild Growth Specialist. Jesus follower. Bass fishing. Fly Fishing. Deer hunting. Archery. Hiking. Drone photo/video. Exploring the outdoors with my friends!

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