First Time Waterfowl Hunting Success: Bagged My First Drake Mallard from the Banks

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    Congratulations bud

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    That’s awesome!!! I can duck hunt without decoys?!?! I’ll try that

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    @Craig it's all about location and hiding. if you are where they want to be. you don't reall need em. just gotta be sneaky

  • Wade's avatar

    I never use decoys anymore. A few years ago me and a buddy of mine we’re hunting with decoys and the ducks kept flaring from our set up I picked up all the decoys and they started falling in like crazy. I think they see every kind of decoy there is by the time they get to us in Mississippi and are scared to death of them. I think they hurt more than help but that’s just my opinion

  • CraigURZ's avatar

    @Steve thanks Steve! Well said!

  • HookSet's avatar

    @Wade I seen it first hand. lots of ppl had big spread. the birds seen it and stayed away. AND THIS WAS 2ND MORNING OF THE SEASON

  • Wade's avatar

    @Steve yes sir I’ve got a lot of decoy’s hanging in my shed that I haven’t used in probably 5 years. I always kill my limit too if we have ducks here

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HookSet S


new to the field. but experience trap and skeet. DIY waterfowl decoys. and there nothing like a good turkey hunt

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