First Time Hunting Success: Solo Black Bear Hunt in Wisconsin with Dad's Help

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Black Bear

  • rifle
  • 327 lbs
  • private
    land type
  • 40
    distance (yards)
  • Allie's avatar

    That is so awesome! We have black bears very sparingly here in MS & VERY illegal to harvest. I’ve always wanted to see one in the wild. Huge congrats to you 👏🏼

  • Brad's avatar

    Congrats that’s awesome! And that cleaning house or wherever you’re processing looks awesome

  • Lisa's avatar

    Excellent...Congratulations Shayna

  • Jess's avatar

    Nice bear. Lots of good meat for the table.

  • Brian's avatar

    Just an awesome first bear,congratulations! 👍

  • Laney's avatar

    Awesome congratulations

  • Troy's avatar

    Like that shared field to freezer. That was cool. I've never got a chance to see that. Yet...🤔

  • Hunter's avatar

    Congrats on the bear! Awesome pics!

  • Dean's avatar

    Congratulations! Big ol Rascal!

  • Shayna's avatar

    Thanks everyone! This is actually the bear that climbed on my stand: burs in the same spot can even see a woodtick I pulled off its ear in one of my videos. That day I didn’t even judge the bear to be over 300lbs. Just goes to show how much I know, I passed this bear probably 10 times this season before pulling the trigger last night. So in reality just stretched out my hunting days for the fun of it. Oh well! Thanks for all the kind comments!

  • Mike's avatar

    Nice bear..congrats!

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Shayna V


“If it’s outside, I’m in” 👍 B.S. in Conservation and Environmental Planning

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