First Time Beach Fishing: Struggles with Algae and Tackle

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fishing1H 30M
  • Frank's avatar

    Fishing the ocean is a blast! We had the best luck with shrimp, squid, and ballyhoo. Shrimp was the best for us though. I’m sure there is someone on here that knows more than me though. Good luck

  • Derek's avatar

    @Frank I'm going to try again either tonight or tomorrow morning with a bigger rod and a Pompano rig with some shrimp fishbites.

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Envious!! First light at the beach is just as enchanting as first light in the woods or on the deck with a hot cuppa Joe!

  • Mike's avatar

    Only luck I’ve ever had was with a 2 oz sinker and heaving as far as I possibly could with a shrimp on a 3 ft line past the pyramid sinker. Enjoy the time no matter what though👊

  • Derek's avatar

    @Mike that's more or less my plan tomorrow. Got some 3oz sinkers and Pompano rigs. Watched a guy this evening who would walk out almost up to his shoulders and then cast as far as he could and then walk the rod back to the bank with the bail open.

  • Derek's avatar

    @Gobbler absolutely!

  • Mike's avatar

    @Derek yessir, that’s the ticket. Good luck!

  • Spencer's avatar

    Good luck! We used sabiki rigs on a pier for cut bait then used cut bait to fish the evenings. It was fun!

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Derek T


Part time at GoWild, full time Firefighter/EMT. Love spending time worshipping God in the outdoors doing all things from hunting, fishing, trapping and much more. Passionate about wildlife conservation.

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