First Osceola Turkey Kill: An Amazing Hunt Experience

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  • shotgun
  • 20 lbs
  • 42
    body length (in)
  • 7
    beard length (in)
  • osceola
  • 2
    total spur length (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 1
    right spur length (in)
  • 1
    left spur length (in)
  • David's avatar

    Nice one Paul! Congrats!

  • Ricky's avatar

    Nice bird, congratulations 🦃

  • David's avatar

    congrats! that's awesome! they're definitely a beautiful bird and fun to chase.

  • Eric's avatar

    And you didn’t end up surrounded by pythons and alligators! Congrats on a beautiful bird!

  • Brad's avatar

    Was it close to as good as deer hunting Paul?

  • Fit To's avatar

    Looks to me like you hauled out that bird with ease #FitToHunt

  • Derek's avatar


  • Ice Fishing's avatar

    Good going!

  • Robert's avatar


  • Joshua's avatar


  • Mitchell's avatar

    Congrats man!!!!

  • David's avatar

    Great bird. I set on the edge of the pasture for a couple hours "talking" with a turkey. I was just playing with a diaphragm call teaching my son how to use it. Standing in open sight wearing regular safety orange shirts and jeans and that Tom came within 20 yards looking right at me. It was awesome. To bad it isn't spring season here yet. Got a big fat boar coon this morning though. Shot him at 75 yards. He didn't make it home early enough. I saw him while checking my traps. My daughter was with me. She got to learn how to blood trail. Then the coon tried to fight us, but the first shot blinded him (head shot with 22wmr) and he gave up. After collecting the fur my son and I gave him a viking warrior burial, i know we are nerds. That was when we were playing with the diaphragm call was walking back from the burial (burned him, in a barrel of course so the grass wouldn't get burned). We play dungeons and dragons also, so yeah we are a little weird.

  • Nick's avatar

    Start of a grand slam!

  • Brandon's avatar

    Congratulations well done!

  • Loweboys's avatar

    Nice bird bud congrats

  • Paul's avatar

    @David thanks David.

  • Paul's avatar

    @Ricky Thanks Ricky! He was so cool looking.

  • Paul's avatar

    @David these Osceolas are so pretty.

  • Paul's avatar

    @Eric saw a couple of gator. No pythons thankfully!

  • Paul's avatar

    @Brad man it was framing wild!

  • Paul's avatar

    @Fit amazing the difference two years makes!

  • Wicked's avatar

    We need to eat gelato the night before more often - it must be good luck! 😁 Congrats buddy!!

  • Aron's avatar

    Congratulations brother

  • Austin's avatar

    Hell yeah man congratulations. Now we just need to get on them here.

  • Paul's avatar

    @Austin heck yeah we do

  • Paul's avatar

    @Aron thanks Aron!

  • Paul's avatar

    @Wicked dude that is a exactly what made this happen!

  • Paul's avatar

    @Loweboys thanks! What a great hunt.

  • Austin's avatar

    @Paul I bought a batwing call yesterday still trying to figure it out. Lol.

  • Zakk's avatar

    Nice bird what did he score

  • Craig's avatar

    Congrats on your Osceola ! I was fortunate enough to get one in 2017, it was a great experience down near the swamp. Bears, hogs, cats, deer and or course turkeys.

  • Shawn's avatar

    Definitely a nice Jake! He appears to be right at the beginning of maturity! Nice tender bird!

  • David's avatar

    was that your first Osceola hunt? I've never chased them but what I've read or listened to about them I guess they can be tough? not as vocal and kinda wirey? what's your thoughts? I think all turkey hunting is tough lol so there's that... just curious. they're all amazing birds! I don't care what species they're all unique and smart and definitely neat, neat critters. I've grown up primarily hunting deer and turkeys. if you made me choice between the 2 I couldn't. I can't wait for May 1st!

  • Paul's avatar

    @David the might be the finest coin hunting story I’ve ever heard! It’s funny how Turkeys can be so smart one day and so unbelievably dumb the next. Good luck this spring!!

  • Paul's avatar

    @Nick oh man I sure hope so!

  • Paul's avatar

    @Austin yeah man I can’t run a mouth call to save my life!

  • Paul's avatar

    @Zakk I honestly didn’t take any measurements. Guessed on the beard length and spur length. Longest spurred Turkey I’ve shot. That’s for sure. He gobbled hard and showed up to dance.

  • Zakk's avatar

    Oh yeah

  • Paul's avatar

    @David this was my first attempt at hunting Osceolas. The first few days were tough. I was deep in Souther FL on public. Really tough hunting. I shot this bird on private. The morning was interesting. We heard two gobblers in different directions. They were super active through out the morning. Moved about noon into the area we heard the most active bird and took about 2 hours for him to show up. He didn’t gobble until he was about 20 feet from me.

  • Paul's avatar

    @David I’d say based on the terrain in Souther FL and the public land pressure those are really tough birds to hunt.

  • Paul's avatar

    @Shawn it was an interesting bird. He has the white barring on the 9 and 10 primary wing feathers which indicates adult bird. Decent length beard but on the small size. I didn’t measure beard or spurs. Spurs were really long and incredibly sharp, but I guess that’s a typical Osceola trait. In terms of size I don’t really have anything to compare to other than Eastern and this bird was much smaller compared to an eastern. He definitely didn’t gobble like the Jakes I’ve been around.

  • David's avatar

    @Paul thank you sir

  • David's avatar

    well sounds like you worked for it and it paid off! seems like it was a great hunt super happy for ya! congrats again!

  • Benjamin's avatar

    Cool stuff man!

  • Amy's avatar


  • Jason's avatar

    Congratulations man

  • Zach's avatar

    Awesome bird! Congratulations!

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