First Ever Wolf Kill: Young Female Mistake - Rewarding Afternoon Hunt

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    Wow, beautiful animal. Did you just still hunt and glass for it or did you call at all?

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    @Kyle Stumbled across it elk hunting, just spotted it coming out of a draw.

  • Joseph's avatar

    That’s an amazing animal. Congratulations

  • Wade's avatar

    Congratulations! Awesome trophy

  • DJ's avatar

    That’s incredible!

  • Joe's avatar

    Very nice 👌

  • Darren's avatar

    Nice job Mandy

  • Casey's avatar

    Congrats!...I think that they would make a great jacket or something similar for winter weather ice fishing or trapping etc...🤷🏼‍♂️.. that's a win win for you & the herd!👍🏼

  • Tyler's avatar

    Nice 💪💪

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  • B's avatar

    Wow they're amazing animals. Congrats!

  • Kevin's avatar

    Love love it 🐺 congrats @Mandy

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Mandy S

British Columbia

Hardworking RN that loves hunting, fishing, fitness and getting outside. Rockstarletteoutdoors field staff, code mandy10 for discount. Instagram: @hunter_angler_nurse,

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