First Buck with a Bow: My Exciting Deer Hunting Experience

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    That’s awesome! Congratulations!

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    Congrats on the first buck! That’s a great moment and great memory. Don’t have to play it down with the “tiny” comment. That’s a great dear for anyone. Be proud. Everyone starts somewhere.

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    @Mike Thanks! I am beyond stoked, and can confirm that he is delicious!

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    Congratulations. Don't down play clean harvests because they aren't going to a taxidermist. Be thankful you got the better meat. The day you have to start talking to taxidermists will come, so start a savings account 👊.

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    Nice one man! Took my first deer ever this year with a bow as well!

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    @Keith thanks! I am actually going to diy a euro mount, so I can remind my boys where I started out. Also so I can get some practice in lol

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    @Dylan Nice! I have several Dyi mounts done. My first buck, my biggest mule, my biggest whitetail and some in between. I hope to get one worthy of a shoulder mount some day but I have a Fairly high standard for that. I'm getting the hide this year's buck done professionally because it's an old buck and neck shot perfect cape.

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Dylan S


I am primarily into bow hunting for deer from a tree saddle, and am very much looking forward to teaching my sons to love the same.

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