First Bobcat Ever! Super Happy to Finally Get One!

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    I think trapping is a fantastic skill to know and to have it in one's back pocket to use if times are hard, or if one's livestock is getting harmed. I realize I'm one of a group of folks (men and women) that can't see one of God's creatures suffering and then see a human (something they run from) coming up and they can't get away. Dying in fear must suck. I think for the most part, human nature wants to help something suffering....and your way to "help"😂💢😵 is different than my way.

    Soooo, I'm happy that you're happy. Nothing illegal about it. It goes back into our history a longgggg ways, and I have relatives from way back that did it.

    I snared a couple yotes in the past. But I may have to hide your successful trapping adventures from my eyes. One of my other buddies that I really enjoy his posts has recently got into trapping. Kill a life to hang its hide on the wall? Kill a life to eat it and survive? If one's in need of food.....absolutely.

    Anyway, enough whining. Congrats on your success, but I'll need to find a way to still follow but not see it all🤪😉

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    @Wayne ☝🏻

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    @Lisa I understand completely. It is no joy to me at all to have to shoot the critters in my traps. I honestly don't think any trapper enjoys shooting an animal like that. However, the properties I trap are to local farms that have horses, cattle and chickens. I am just trying to manage the population of nuisance animals for these farmers.

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    @Wayne They make LIVE traps, but I bet they are expensive. Dad relocated animals all the time that were on his property....the majority were the farmers cats. 🐈😆He'd haul them off miles away. Lol.

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Paul M


I'm Paul McDonald. A Christian, hunter, fisherman, and enthusiast of the outdoors. I have a YouTube channel where I post my hunting videos. Psalm 150:6 "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord!"

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