Finishing Touches on the Basement: Getting Closer to Completion

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    Man I love how you printed the photo from the hunt and put under the mounts. That's an awesome idea.

  • brayden's avatar

    @Wayne yessir! We’ve done it almost every animal we’ve harvested. We also keep the brass and write what the date, time, and distance in which the animal was taken

  • Casey's avatar

    👍🏼👍🏼@brayden then it'll probably never really be done.

  • brayden's avatar

    @Casey ain’t that the truth! I hope it’s never done

  • Wayne's avatar

    @brayden yea man that's an awesome idea. Sorry but I'm gonna have to steal that from ya. Lol hope ya don't mind.

  • brayden's avatar

    @Wayne absolutely not.. enjoy making memories in the woods bro

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Wayne If it makes you feel any less like a thief, I've been pushing this idea for a couple decades. Hee. It IS something every hunter should definitely do. I've mentioned writing up a little story too, in addition to the photos. The story is something that should stay with each mount, if ya ask me. 😁

    Great looking basement, Brayden!

  • Wayne's avatar

    @Lisa your absolutely right. And I think it's something that generations would be able to enjoy instead of just the person/people that were on the hunt.

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Wayne So true!
    I've seen so many mounts at garage sales or flea markets, and it is not as interesting without the story.

    I bought a mount about 22 years ago, and when I did, I had the story as to why the hunter didn't want him...and even though I could see why (the taxidermist didn't make the eyes look perfectly equal -I'll see if I can find a photo, if Brayden doesn't mind me throwing it here). The story came with him. What Brayden did with the large photos looks completely gorgeous

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basketball, hunting, and food. But most of all, Jesus. I got saved july 26, 2018.. surrendered to preach june 30, 2021

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