Finding the Perfect Choke for My Beretta Outlander: Winchester XR's for the Best Pattern

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target shooting0H 30M
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    Long beard xr shoot good out of my 870 as well. Good luck to ya!

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    I know TSS ammo is expensive, but I shot my Osceola at 60 yards with my 20ga. Benelli and he barely flopped. It’s well worth the price to me. He wasn’t coming any closer and when you are hunting out of state you want to make the trip a success. Wouldn’t have completed my Grand Slam without TSS ammo.

  • John's avatar

    @Craig oh yeah, my 870 loves them too! Thank you & good luck to you as well 🦃

  • John's avatar

    @Tom I know folks love it. I’m not against it, just can’t bring myself to buy any 🤷‍♂️

  • Dane's avatar

    I picked up one of those Pinhoti/Trulock chokes last year and have been pleased with it. Hope you enjoy it, just may have to pay a visit to uncle lees with them on sale haha

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    @Dane good deal! Im looking forward to trying it out on a bird this weekend, if the cards fall right 🦃 It’ll just be nice to be back out in the turkey woods. Can’t go wrong with stopping at uncle lees. I hadn’t been in a while, but they had some sales & the kids loved seeing the bows, targets & mounts. Their favorite was the dinosaur target 🦖

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John M


Christian, family man who enjoys turkey & deer hunting, spending time at the lake and just outdoors in general

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