Finding Strength in God's Grace: Continuing the Battle He Already Won ✝️❤️

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  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    It amazes me how many Christians attribute characteristics that only God posses to the Devil. The Devil is not omnipresent and yet, so many believers blame him for their struggles. No offense, but your probably not important enough for the Devil, himself, to come and mess with you. I know I’m sure not!

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    @RKE this is what I know about the devil. He is a serpent whose head will be bruised from Jesus stomping on him(genesis 3). I know he will be a defeated dragon by Michael in revelation. I know he is a prowling lion waiting to devour so we must be of sober mind and watchful 1 Peter. I know he’s the father of lies John 8. I know if we practice sin who makes it a practice is of the devil 1 John 3. I know we need to put on the whole armor of God to protect us from his scheme’s Ephesians 6. I know if we resist the devil temptation and draw near to God he will flee James 4. I personally think he hates us bc we are made in God image. I think to many times people blame or question God before considering blame on the devil. I do think he is always waiting to find a crack in the armor to expose to use our fleshly thoughts, desires and actions (reactions) against us. I’m sure there’s more in the Bible about him. Thank you brother for your response and much love to you amigo ❤️✝️

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I have a passion for the outdoors that I know my good Lord gave me and I love to share the outdoors and my faith with others. GPSOUTDOORS G for glorify, P for praise and S for serve. If you want to know my story of a great love introduced to me go to #sturdivantstrong on Facebook. The story was written in 2018 and continues today.😁❤️✝️

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