Finding Encouragement and Faith at Our Pond: A Divine Encounter with a Dove

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    Adam Haag @Adam Haag

  • Spikes's avatar

    That’s pretty cool and amazing.

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    @Spikes Yes, this made me cry in a good way when I saw it.

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    That even brought a tear to my eyes.

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    My daughter passed away December 26,2010. My wife had always told my kids that butterflies were angels that God sent to us to let us know that he was thinking of us. When we went to the cemetery to bury her it was very cold. A butterfly fluttered in and landed on her coffin. On September 13 2017 my dad and 17 yr old nephew were killed in a car wreck. At the grave site during the ceremony guess what came fluttering in and landed on my nephews coffin? God is real and he loves us more the our minds can comprehend. God bless.

  • Linda's avatar

    @Bruce I pray everyone would understand how much he loves his children. Thanks for sharing these beautiful confirmations! If you'd send me a personal message with your email address, I'd like to send you some photos I've taken of butterflies to use as you'd like.

  • Linda's avatar

    @Bruce I think you should share your story on the faith feed of Go Wild. You could use one of the photos I sent to draw attention to it. People need to be encouraged just as we have been.

  • Bruce's avatar

    I will. Didn’t realize there was a faith feed. Thank you for letting me know.

  • Wade's avatar

    Amen sis! Praying for yall

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Linda H

Horsewoman, wildlife photographer, Christian, kayaker, gardener, Lover of God's creation.

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