Finding Adventure: My Journey to Hunting Bears with Laikas

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  • Robert's avatar

    That's great!

  • Alexander's avatar

    @Robert thank you.

  • Josh's avatar

    Cool story, chasing bear with dogs is definitely on the bucket list. Nothing more fun that watching a well trained dog work!

  • Brandon's avatar

    Great story! Thanks for sharing !

  • Paul's avatar

    Keep rolling on. I am new to the podcasts and this is the only social media platform I have. I agree with what Clay Newcomb says. We are all in it together. We have to guard the gate. You are just another addition to a line of similar minded Houndsman that love their dogs and enjoy the sounds and experience in the bear woods. I know guys that use elk hounds periodically and they have the tight mouth smaller dogs similar to your laikas. We all have our place in these woods. Thanks for sharing. Most podcasts that have listened to speak highly of you and your story. Thanks.

  • Alexander's avatar

    @Josh 100% agree. I also have a lab that I take to PA to hunt pheasants on game lands there. Even when we flush just one bird it makes for a successful hunt in my opinion. I just love it.

  • Alexander's avatar

    @Brandon thank you, Brandon!

  • Alexander's avatar

    @Paul it was actually Clay who several years ago played a pivotal role in my hunting life by supporting and encouraging me. By personal communication, by his example and by everything he’s done with the Bear Hunting Magazine.

  • Darren's avatar

    I get your obsession with bears Alex. It's my favorite hunt. On an animal I couldn't imagine harvesting when I first decided to get into hunting. Ended up being the first animal that harvested and now have a greater love for them than ever. Keep up the great work, your videos and stories are awesome to hear and inspiring. I'll probably end up with a Laika in my mixed pack someday!

  • Alexander's avatar

    @Darren thank you!

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Alexander K


Chasing black bears with West Siberian Laika dogs in the Appalachia.

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