Finding a New Bib Brand

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Question For The Community
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    First Lite has women's apparel. Not sure how the cut would be but everything I've gotten from them fits perfect.

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    @David I'll check them out thank you! I normally buy men's sizes so I can fit more underneath

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    After Carhartt went all in trying to make their employees get the jab, I was done with them. I know it’s not your question, but not sure how many people are aware of this, but thought I’d share. They have since reversed, but I’m still done w them. They want to get into politics? Ok, fine, bye…

  • Lisa's avatar

    @Arne I didn't know that at all, like really? That's disappointing but carharrt has always been my go for hunting and work clothes because of the quality and it keeps me warm. But I do see your point

  • Kyle's avatar

    First lite is the ticket.

  • Lisa's avatar

    She brand fits the best. I have a womens pair from academy sports. They are ok for the price.

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