Females: My Preferred Hunting Companions

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dog training5H 0M
  • Josh's avatar

    Im liking my female better demeanor than my last mail

  • Alan's avatar

    Just started hunting two young female curs. We shall see. Have always hunted males.

  • Lauren's avatar

    @Alan I’m interested in your perspective after some major hours in your boots. Let us know!

  • Kaleb's avatar

    Have and will always be a female guy. I usually have one male around for when the ladies come into heat do I'm not completely out of the game, but 100% perfer a female

  • Lane's avatar

    I prefer hunting female dog. What I have seen male dog get burned out at earlier age. I feel I can get more hunting years out of female.

  • Brandan's avatar

    I prefer males, mostly due to heat cycles seem to always take them out for a month during bear season.

  • Ben's avatar

    I prefer females, but it is nice to have a male for when all the girls are in heat like @Kaleb said

  • JOE's avatar

    I prefer a male over a female, (don't have to deal with heat cycles) but a good dog is a good dog

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Lauren V


First generation houndsman, hunter, trapper, chicken lady. Brew City Blue Hounds!

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