FAT Buck Down: 6.5 Creedmoor 129 gr Hornady Does the Job

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Whitetail Buck

  • rifle
  • 6
    antler tines
  • 17
    antler spread (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 85
    distance (yards)
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  • Mike's avatar

    Congrats Chuck! That’s a beauty man👊

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Rob Simm thanks Rob

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Mike thanks Mike sure a good deer for our place. Really fat, he will be tasty.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Chuck you bet, love them butterballs

  • Derek's avatar

    He's a beautiful buck, man. Definitely worth being proud about.

  • Turbo's avatar

    Great buck bud....congrats!!!! 👊🤠👍

  • Milan's avatar


  • Cameron's avatar


  • Jonathan's avatar

    Well done

  • Ronnie's avatar

    Did you eat the snake

  • Donovan's avatar

    Great looking buck Chuck!

  • Larry's avatar

    Congrats on really nice buck!!!!

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Ronnie no skinned him but didn’t eat him

  • Ted's avatar

    Congratulations nice buck

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Chuck why didn’t you guys eat the snake

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Mike hey bud you put any meat in the freezer yet I got 1 yesterday and made a video with my son and niece on the recovery it’s a awsome video you should check it out

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Ronnie more trouble than what there appeared to be meat. Had ribeyes and goat chops instead

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Chuck not trying to be a dick but if you wasn’t going to eat it why kill it why not move it away from you’re camp I get it there a very dangerous animal but I just don’t believe in killing animals if you’re not going to eat emm

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Ronnie I appreciate your opinion but we also kill coyotes Ronnie, we dont eat them and we dont trap and relocate them. We have lost cows to snakes bites and We have kids, dogs and grandparents in our camp and dont see any need in taking chances. If your fortunate enough to own property, as we are, you may do as you please with the wildlife that is on your property and I will never try to run your place for you I would appreciate that same courtesy from you.

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Chuck you’re right bud I never thought about that and for my comment I do apologize I hope you can for give me I apologize my friend

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Chuck still a really nice buck you got bud

  • Ronnie's avatar

    @Chuck congrats on the buck

  • Jon's avatar

    Nice buck Chuck! Congrats!

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Ronnie all good man thank you.

  • Ryan's avatar

    nice buck

  • Justin's avatar

    Congrats on the amazing buck sir

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Justin Thanks Justin

  • Dave's avatar

    G ma née Xmas he done beat his rack to bits , he’s a fighter I guess! Congrats chuck !!👊🏼

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Dave thanks Dave. Yeah he was all broke up and we are really on the early stages of the rut down here. Hoping I get to see

  • Chuck's avatar

    @Dave thanks Dave Yeah he was all broke up and we are just hitting the early stages of the rut down here. Hoping I get to see the one that did it to him!

  • Linda's avatar

    Nice! He must have been fighting hard!!

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Chuck S


Life long hunter and outdoor guy. Believe that a trophy is different for everyone, some are blessed enough to hunt high fence and exotic locations some just hunt their backyard. I believe each person should be just as proud of their harvest no matter where it comes from or what a tape measure or scale tells you about it. Only possible because a big loving God created them for us to have dominion over.

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