Extending Daylight: Tips for Keeping a Buck Out in the Open for Longer

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    I would go in there in the middle of the night, find a spot up close to the bedroom and then rake and trim a real clean trail to and from the stand for the last 100 yards, on the predominantly down wind side. Then place a mineral lick exactly where you want him to be for the shot. Sit that sucker all day the next day, being in there an hour before dawn and staying a hour after.

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    Ain’t we all brother keep chasing man good luck

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    Set up deeper in the woods. The deer come from somewhere. Edges are great and all but the deer come from somewhere other than a transition area, to a transition area. Hope it helps. For me on property that some of the fun of figuring it out.

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    I have 62 acre beam field across the road and 127 acres of hardwoods he’s been showing up daily on the hardwood side I’m sure I’ll have it figured out.! He will be on the trailmix soon.

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    Are you hunting from the ground or up in a tree? I had a similar problem…was hunting from a natural blind on the ground and was downwind- but he wouldn’t come out. Got into a tree just above the natural blind with my climber and had him on the ground just after daybreak.

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    I have a blind set up but I’m planning on setting up a climber stand

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    That did the trick for me. Just make sure to always wear a harness and to be safely tied in. Ensure that your wind is not blowing in the direction that you think he’ll be coming from. And try your best to get in before daybreak on a morning hunt…and in the early afternoon 2 or 3 pm…4pm at the latest. (Don’t worry if those times don’t work…things happen in a blink in the deer woods - just allowing a good deal of time for things to settle down and offer an opportunity for you to have him come in.)

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