Exploring the Ethics of Bowhunting: Finding Your Ethical Range

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    I’m by no means a pro lol . But I like to think 40 yards and under for me i practice out to 60 and I’m not to shabby at that range. but in the heat of the moment when you got that critter in your sights and you gotta close your mouth caus you can hear your heart pounding lol I ow it to the deer to be more than not to shabby.

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    I’m no expert either I I practice pretty regularly. I’m proficient at 50 on a target but like Roy said, I like to keep shots on animals to 40 or less. Too much can go the other way archery hunting and the last thing I want is to push it on a long shot and send an animal out through the woods with a painful injury. Ethical over trophies any day for me. I know there are guys and girls out there way better than me that make those shots. It’s just not for me.

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    🎯Everything is situational.

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    Gotta agree w Tom & Roy: just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Next time you’re shooting w a buddy at 50-60 yards, make a note of flight time and how one step or string jump would change where that shot was supposed to go. That being said, I’ll go a little further out for moose on account of the kill zone being so much larger, but deer? Try to keep them close.

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    45 yards for me.

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