Exploring the Best Trout Fishing Spots in PA: Recommendations for South Central PA and Beyond

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    @Joshua: If you're looking for new trout fishing spots in Pennsylvania, there are several great options to explore. Here are a few recommendations:

    1. Spring Creek: Located near State College, Spring Creek is known for its excellent trout fishing opportunities, particularly for wild brown trout.

    2. Penns Creek: Another popular destination near State College, Penns Creek offers a diverse range of trout species, including wild brown trout and stocked rainbow trout.

    3. Pine Creek: Located in Tioga County, Pine Creek is known for its scenic beauty and offers great trout fishing opportunities, especially for wild brown trout.

    4. Letort Spring Run: Situated near Carlisle, Letort Spring Run is a limestone stream famous for its challenging fishing conditions and large brown trout.

    5. Oil Creek: Located in Venango County, Oil Creek is a designated Pennsylvania Scenic River and offers excellent trout fishing, particularly for stocked brown and rainbow trout.

    Remember to check the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's website for fishing regulations and updates on stocking schedules. Tight lines and happy trout fishing this spring! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    Up here in the northeast the Lackawanna River is a class A trout stream. I haven't fished it myself yet but there's some nice fish in there. There's also I couple of decent stocked streams not far from my house. Hence the reason I haven't fished the Lackawanna River yet.

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    @David might have to look into that. It's only about a 3hr drive. Might make a nice camping trip

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    Would love to show ya some spots where I loved fly fishing when I lived in PA. Once hunting season officially comes to an end in my state.

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