Exploring Scotland's Beauty with a Handmade Basket: Stunning Photos by David

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Oct. 05, 2023 -I am stepping away for a bit. I DELETED most of my posts starting in 2018. Only the ones that hopefully show respect to my greatly treasured buddies, remain.😇 I value your friendship and kindness to me all these years. Should you want to contact me, PLEASE use the "CONTACT FORM" on my website https://www.voicesinheaven.com/contact Afterwards, I will reach out to you and find a simpler way of communicating. Big hugs in Christ to each and every one of you that have made my time here on GoWild so meaningful. 🙏❤️ I mean that! Prayers for you always!❤️ SEEK God first, please! 🦌 55 Yr old Christ follower 🦌Mom of 2 awesome Sons ✝️ Bachelors in Ministry ✝️ Enjoy volunteering online as part of the prayer team for Free Chapel (Jentezen Franklin's Church). 🏹 MT Pine Needle Basket Weaver (I custom make & sell baskets for those wanting one, see website for multiple pages on the baskets: https://www.voicesinheaven.com/montana-ponderosa-pine-needle-baskets 🏹 Instinctive Archery (compound Mathews bow, no sights/pins) 🏹 Photography-beginner 🏹 Trout Fishing 🏹 Off-grid/Self Sustaining Lifestyle 🏹 Kayaking 🏹 Montana (2012-2019) 🏹 In Ohio since 2019 Thank you for stopping by for a visit to my little GoWild page🙏😇 ~~~~~~~🦌🏹🙏🎣🏞~~~~~~~

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