Exploring Compensators and Spring Sets for a G19 Clone - Seeking Recommendations

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    Zaffiri precision makes some nice comps. Also for any other Glock stuff grey ghost precision is also a bonus area. If you are not too Gucci or worried about using the pistol the ding and dent sections have some awesome deals sometimes. I bought a few slides from them a few years ago as blem’s and couldn’t see a thing wrong with any of them. Hope this helps.

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    I have a Parker Mountain Machine comp on my FN, and I’m certain they make one for the g19. Been very happy with mine.

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    @Brandon Mitchell I’ve read that some

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    @Brandon Mitchell looks like I fat fingered the send button on my last attempt. I’ve read some posts about people having to lower their firing pin spring weight also due to light strikes after lowering the recoils springs. It looked like they lowered the recoil spring weights down to 11-13 lbs, which may have caused other issues. Do you know of any such issues with a 15 lbs recoil spring? Thank you. 👍

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    @Brandon Mitchell 👍

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