Exploring an Abandoned Homestead: Imagining the Tough Lives of the Past

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    I’m with you on that! They would laugh us down now days.

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    If you haven’t read/listened to it - Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides if a great book that discusses American, Mexican, Native American interactions in the early to mid 1800’s in the west/southwest with a heavy amount of the goings on taking place in New Mexico. It is a very good book.

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    Man!! How cool!

  • Jim's avatar

    Indeed they were!! But to them then just the way of life!! Thanks for sharing. 👊

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    @Jim That’s exactly right, they didn’t even know they were tough.

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    @Eric Thank you for that info. I will definitely get it.

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    @Shorty sorry, I realize now that my comment seemed a little random. Your post made me think of the book, that time period, that lifestyle, and the people. I love American history and though the American west is a “younger” history than schools tend to focus on, there are so many fascinating people, places and events from our westward expansion that get sort of glossed over. I’ll quit rambling now lol, just wanted to lend some context to my post.

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    @Eric I knew exactly what you were talking about. I ordered the book. I too love the history from that time period.

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