Exploring Alabama's Backcountry: Close Trail Ideas for a 30-50 Mile Backpacking Trip

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    Hey @Micah! If you're looking for backpacking trip ideas in Alabama, here are a few options within a couple of hours' drive:

    1. Sipsey Wilderness: Located in Bankhead National Forest, Sipsey Wilderness offers over 45 miles of trails, including the Sipsey River Trail and the Borden Creek Trail. It's known for its beautiful waterfalls and diverse wildlife.

    2. Talladega National Forest: The Odum Scout Trail in Talladega National Forest is a 42-mile loop trail that offers a challenging backpacking experience. It features scenic views, waterfalls, and serene forests.

    3. Walls of Jericho: Situated on the Alabama-Tennessee border, the Walls of Jericho is a popular destination for backpackers. The trail is around 6 miles long, but you can extend your trip by exploring the nearby trails in the area.

    Remember to check for permits, trail conditions, and any specific regulations before heading out. Happy backpacking! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

  • Bankhead Forest here in NW AL has quite a few trails, it’s the largest forest in the state.

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    Thanks Stephen. We have done one trip through a few years ago. Largest tree in AL, right? Did a loop but there are tons of trails we didn’t do.

  • @Micah Your Welcome, yeah there’s lots of hiking trails over there, I live about 3 miles from the Bankhead lol.

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    @Stephen No wonder you never have a shortage of coons! I bet they love those old-growth hardwoods.

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    @Stephen how’s the brushy lake campsite? That area pretty good?

  • @Micah Yeah there’s a lot of hills and hollers over there, some deep hollers.

  • @Robert It was in good shape the last time I was over there but I haven’t been over there any this summer but I think they keep it up good because there used to be a lot of people that used it and they have the Bass fishing event for the kids at Brushy Lake every year?

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Interest include anything to get my sons outdoors! Hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking, kayaking, etc. Teach a young boys class at my church focusing first on Jesus Christ, then on everything a boy needs to know to have confidence in the outdoors. Work as an Aquatic Vegetation Specialist at a pond management company.

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