Expanding My Cast Iron Collection: Dutch Oven, Skillet, and More for Delicious Cooking!

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cooking & smoking BBQ3H 0M
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    Very nice 💪💪

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    @Tyler thanks! I’m loving this Dutch oven. I already have plans for more stews in the near future

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    Good job. If you really want to step up the cooking fun, get some camp Dutch ovens. They are the ones that have the legs on the bottom and a lid that has a lip around it so you can put coals on top to use it for baking when you’re camping or want to cook outdoor. It’s a lot of fun.

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    @Chris I love those as well. My dad has several and I love to cook on a camp fire. I even cook on a camp fire just in the back yard when I have the time haha

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    @Max we cook in the backyard as well. My wife like chicken thighs browned than cooked with new potatoes,carrots, onions and garlic. A little rosemary salt and pepper. Put the lid on, coals on top and cook for 40-45 minutes. The meat falls off the bone.

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    @Max you can also turn the lid over and use it as a griddle.

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Max L

South Carolina

I love to fish and hunt. New turkey hunter. I love my wife and dog and all the time we get to spend together especially outdoors.

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