Exciting Outdoor Gear Haul: First Lite Catalyst Jacket, Sweatshirt, and Merino Gloves!

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  • Trina's avatar

    Nice gear!

  • Adam's avatar

    The new logo hoodies are awesome as well. They fit great. The Catalyst is an awesome setup for early season. Worn mine quite a bit now and really like it.

  • Missy's avatar

    @Adam I think I’m really gonna like the catalyst. They def did well with the women’s cut. Fits me great! And the new hoodie is so soft and comfy I could live in it!!

  • Adam D's avatar

    I wish I had that kind of "mistake"🤣 I bought the Corrugate guide pants to go with my kiln hoody this year, itching to use them.

  • Missy's avatar

    @Adam haha It was a pretty nice surprise. I honestly thought I’d have to send them back! I use the gear all year! If I’m gonna pay that money they are gonna see more than just whitetail season up here. I’ve worked overnights for years so it’s chilly enough to wear some of my later season stuff to work And that areowool is legit in the summer heat. Love their gear!

  • Adam D's avatar

    @Missy I've got some more stuff but for those prices I ain't wearing them day to day, any and all hunting season, yes day to day now wat 🤣 At the rate I'm at I'll have my dream kit in about 2 more years 🤣

  • Missy's avatar

    @Adam My kit will never be done cause I want everything they have lol. I can use either a western kit or whitetail kit in Maine. Just depends on if I want to sit all day(very hard to do since my feet freeze and temps get into negatives here sometimes) or still hunt. So I’ve mostly focused on an active kit but def need to invest in some heavy whitetail stuff! I usually just use my tax money to buy stuff.

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