Exciting New Cooking Tool for the Outdoorsy Chef in Me

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  • Jeffrey's avatar

    I am thinking of getting one when the grill finally goes. 👍👍 can’t wait to see your future posts. Have a great Christmas with the family!!🎄🎄

  • Eric's avatar

    @Jeffrey I have heard nothing but good things from anybody I know who has one. The term “game changer” gets thrown out there a lot lol. We shall see. Thank you for the Christmas wishes and merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from us to you!

  • DJ's avatar

    You will enjoy cooking on it. I have the same one and it’s great to cook an entire meal on it.

  • Eric's avatar

    @DJ I’m looking forward to it! Seems like it’s going to make cooking and cleaning up much quicker and easier.

  • Sean's avatar

    I love ours! Can cook for an army! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

  • Eric's avatar

    @Sean that’s awesome man! It was followed up with some accessory gifts by family members over the weekend, so I better get to practicing my hibachi skills 😂

  • Green's avatar

    Those black stones are great! Super versatile, my favorite is cooking up some smash burgers.

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Eric B

New York

Proud father, OIF Veteran, Jack of just about no trades and definitely master of none…I like to camp, hike, fish, hunt, trap, garden and forage. I’ve done the first three for a while and am pretty new to the others. Always learning!

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