Exciting Morning Hunt: Bucks Sparring and a Grunting Surprise!

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Whitetail Buck

  • muzzleloader
  • 175 lbs
  • 8
    antler tines
  • shooting house
    setup type
  • private
    land type
  • 75
    distance (yards)
  • That’s a nice buck I have about a 10 point that comes in where I hunt I have been watching this same deer for 3 years and I might get lucky this year I have never in my life killed a buck that big I have only killed spikes and 5 or 6 points and I think it’s time to kill a bigger one I have been managing the area I hunt in and counting how many bucks to how many doe’s that I have coming in and I need to kill a few doe’s to get more bucks and that really does work because the bucks can breed more with less‘doe’s I learned that years ago from a full blooded Cherokee worrier and hunter and he was right and I have been managing this place for three years and I already have more bucks coming in now

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    @Hillbilly Hope you have a successful season and thanks!!

  • @Todd I hope I do too and you’re welcome I would be proud of that it is still bow season here and I love to bow hunting but I had to go to a crossbow because I

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    @Hillbilly Hey nothing wrong with a crossbow!! I love to bow hunt as well!! Muzzy 1st season is only 1 week then back to bow hunting!! I’m using a compound but one these days I see myself toting a crossbow!!

  • I used to have a Hoyt Tricon compound but I got rid of it because I got my right hand crushed by a 32 ton press and I can’t pull a compound back so I sold it and I didn’t get out of it what I wanted but that’s okay I have a killer instinct 405 it’s a 210 pound it shoots great I was in a crossbow group and people were cussing them because the limbs were breaking and I told them if they would lube the rail it would cut down on the friction and they wouldn’t break like that they told me I didn’t know I knew more than what I let on and then I finally told them I worked in a bow shop for many years and I worked on crossbows all the time

  • I bought a crossbow target and I shoot plum through it and it was supposed to be a crossbow target I had to put some mining belt behind it to keep my bolts and then the other day I was shooting it and broke 5 of them and you probably know what I was saying but you can get bolts off of Amazon cheaper and they fly great in my crossbow but I also keep my rail lubed really good and I wax my string waxed I have had it for a year and I haven’t had a problem with it and I told them guys that they needed to keep the rail lubed they wouldn’t have that much trouble out of it they told me that I didn’t know anything about crossbows and they said I needed to have heavier bolts and lnocks and shoot

  • That was supposed to be knock’s

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    Great job

  • Awesome…congrats!

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    Having a blast, I hope the pun was intended! Good job.

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