Excited to Learn: Tips for Using Your New Hunting Bow

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    You’re in good company here. Lots of folks to give advice

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    Awesome gift!

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    Best gift ever! I’d try to go to a bow shop and see if they’ve got some releases you could try out. I shoot a truball handle release that is pretty old. It’s similar to the max pro or fang 4 that they have now. I’ve also shot a handle. It’s the short-n-sweet. I like both style of releases but I seem to hold a tighter group with the handle style releases. Just try and make sure you whatever you end up shooting that it feels good to you. That’s the main thing. You want to be comfortable with your equipment that’s for sure.

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    Awesome thanks for the insight….. I’ll look into those.

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    Practice, practice, you’re gonna suck for a few months and then you’ll get better, don’t get discouraged. A lot of good material on YouTube for tutorials suck as Nock On and Chris Bee, good luck and feel free to message me with any questions!

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    @Adam thank you.

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    Definitely try some of your buddies’ if ya can. There are a lot of options. Trophy Ridge makes the best accessories for your money in my opinion. I’ll tag my favorite release below.

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