Evening Visitor: Enjoying a Glass of Tea with a Surprise Guest

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  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    Very cool!!

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    How often does that happen, I wonder? Now you should set a trail camera up in your yard to see if he is a frequent visitor. 😁 That's very neat!! He seemed to enjoy your beautiful landscape of well trimmed shrubs, mowed lawn, nicely placed stones, and wooden steps (which I was hoping he would go down🙃).
    I enjoyed watching! Thanks for sharing with all of us😇

  • Jim's avatar

    Thanks @Lisa I try to keep it pretty neat!! Yes I was hoping he would come down the steps, but he decided to go down the edge of the yard!! I thought it was pretty cool!! And I’ve keep a camera up at the edge of the woods. He,s a new visitor!! It’s amazing the game that’s been seen right where you watched him!! 😎😃

  • Lisa's avatar

    That's so cool!
    These days, being stuck in Ohio I now get excited if I even see a squirrel! Pretty sad. 🤪🤣
    I wonder if he'll be coming back.🤔

  • Jim's avatar

    I hope so Lisa!! We,ll see!!🤞

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