Epic Hunting Season for Eric!

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Whitetail Buck

  • compound bow
  • 22.5
    antler spread (in)
  • private
    land type
  • 20
    distance (yards)
  • Tom's avatar

    Keep it up and you’re going to have to change that OKayest hunter slogan to buck killer. That’s a great buck. Congratulations.

  • Ryan's avatar

    Holy smokes Eric! That’s more than Okay! Awesome buck!!!

  • Blue River's avatar

    Congratulations brother

  • John's avatar

    That’s a nice mature Buck!! Congrats!

  • Amos's avatar


  • Brian's avatar

    That's a great buck, congratulations! 👊👍

  • Lisa's avatar

    Congratulations Eric! Respectful words and gorgeous buck! 🤜🏼🤛🏼

  • Donovan's avatar

    Congrats man 👊

  • Hankehunts's avatar

    The Busch light pic completes the post!

  • Alex's avatar

    Congrats Eric on an awesome buck!! Can’t wait to see the video!

  • Billy's avatar


  • Greg's avatar


  • Ryan's avatar

    You sandbagging SOB! 😂 🤣😂

  • Nic's avatar

    Nice monster, Eric. love the show. I'm on episode 223 and listen all day driving around in my work truck. I found you late and started from Episode 1. It sucks everytime I'm listening and want to call in and cant because it was from 2 years ago, lol, but I'm not going to listen to the new stuff until I get there. Keep getting at it.

  • Okayest Hunter's avatar

    @Nic oh man! That’s epic starting form 1!!! We’ve changed a lot over the years, but one thing holds true; we’re only okay 👌 Thanks for the encouragement, kind words, and for tuning in! Cheers!

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Eric C


Founder of the OUTLND app, Host of the Okayest Hunter podcast, and Co-Founder of the Okayest Hunter. www.okayesthunter.com

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