Embracing the Outdoors: Escaping the Modern World for a Breath of Fresh Air

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    Most good people don’t!

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    Corey......it crushes my heart. So I'm with you, and the guys above. I watch so much Gunsmoke and Bonanza every single day, that when I recently got back from the hospital and went back to my bedroom...my son without asking me, pulled up a Bonanza episode. He knew.
    I feel like I'm sometimes drowning in the cesspool of this world and how people are living. It is chaos with people being so busy with things that truly are of no real value. Technology is sucking away life and relationships. The mental noise is in control of most folks.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. It is absolutely refreshing to know of others like me. I've been ordering a lot of My Patriot Supply and trying to learn as much as I can of off the grid living. But right now, I am in the middle of said "cesspool," until my youngest graduates in 2025.

    God keep us all in His care!
    (Sorry for the novel)

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    I do like modern weapons.

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    @E same.

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    @Corey we own a Ranch and I might not see 10 vehicles a month. Our closest neighbor is where our mailbox is located 2 miles away. I do enjoy not being close to a town.

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    As a side note, I hand sewed the buckskin leather trousers and elk skin moccasins myself. I make almost all of my accoutrements myself. I cast my own bullets and am working on making my own flints. I do also make my own knives and sheaths. I carve my own spoons and sewed my own canvas wedge tent.

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    @E I grew up on a ranch in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. We lived off grid so our only power was a diesel generator and our water came through a homemade box filtration system from a creek. After I left home dad got a “Pelton Wheel” which is a water powered battery charging system with inverters. So as they got older they were able to have a small amount of electrical access all the time. Dad passed away in January but my 81 year old mother still lives there.

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    @Corey that is living.

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Corey W


Hunter and Fisher of big and little critters-so long as they is good eatin. I like hunting and fishing, exploring places I’ve never been, artifact hunting, camping, archery, flintlocks and blackpowder, early American history and reenacting, primitive outdoors. Spending time with my wife and children. I’m a musician. Ive played and performed guitars and vocals in a band for over 20 years. I love guitars and music and recording gear. I’m a luthier (builder and repairer of stringed instruments). I am a trained traditional animator, artist and painter. I trained with several old Disney/Warner/Universal animators, producers and directors. My home is Eastern Montana.

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