Embracing a Vegan Lifestyle: The Surprising Reason You Won't Believe! #vegan

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    The thought that if I didn’t eat plants they would

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    I relish the fact that by eating plants I am helping prevent their overpopulation

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    I became vegan because I wanted to make a big deal about nothing and contradict myself. Because cows, chickens, deer, and birds are such cute living animals and plants aren’t.

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    I became vegan because mankind has been wrong all along and only modern day protein deficient humans have it figured out…

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    @Chuck 😅👍🌱

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    There I was, a small innocent child running in a field overflowing with green grass, when all of a sudden I tripped and got a face full of dirt and grass. I was so distraught from my face being seemingly attacked by the green herbs that I decided that my life goal was to only eat plants to exact my revenge on their population. So every time I eat, I am giving the surrounding plants a warning to never attack me again.

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    Lets look at the facts as we have been told. Cows are vegan, because of their diet they produce a large amount of methane gas, methane gas is causing the earth to warm, this warming affect allows plants to grow for a longer period of time in what historically were colder climates this increase in plants allows more vegans to produce more methane gas. I deduce vegans are responsible for climate change and because I would like Wisconsin’s climate to be more like Florida I became a vegan. 💨

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    @Isaiah oml that’s amazing! 🤣

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    @Isaiah Amazing story! 😂

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    I became a vegan cause my cousin was killed by a cow. Well the cow was in a truck. Well actually it was a black and white truck. Well actually it was a farmer driving a black and white truck with a cow painted on the side Well anyway cows eat plants and now I do too.

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    Vegans and vegetarians and anyone that eats meat are all abhorrent people. I am better than all of you. I am a fruittarian I only eat food that falls off trees naturally and that doesn’t hurt or kill the plant to harvest. Plant have feelings too and deserve life. If I have to live my life mineral and vitamin deficient and malnourished so that everything can live but me well damn it that’s what I will do. ALL LIFE MATTERS

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Southern California

Jeremiah Doughty, Wild game chef, outdoors writer, Husband, father and Christ follower. The real trophy is not the head on your wall, but the meat on your plate.

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