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  • Gary's avatar

    Good to see you back 👍👍

  • Shem's avatar

    @Gary glad to be back Sir ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥

  • Arica's avatar

    Glad to have you back Shem!!

  • Scotty's avatar

    @Shem haven’t seen you in forever bud, hope all is well man. Stay good.

  • Brayden's avatar

    Heyo Shem is back!!! Nice! Glad you’re doing well!

  • John's avatar

    Welcome back Shem! Good to see ya again 👊

  • Shem's avatar

    @Arica Glad to be Back Ms.Arica hope all is good ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @Scotty GreatMawning Brotah Scotty all is good , hope all is good for y’all Stay Blessed my friend ☕️🤠🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @Brayden GreatMawning Brotah Brayden hope all is well with you too , ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @John GreatMawning Brotah John thanks fer the warm welcome glad to be Back hope all is as well , Stay blessed my Friend ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Jacob's avatar

    Glad you’re back my man!

  • Ted's avatar

    @Shem morning brother Shem welcome back sure missed those daily quotes of wisdom

  • William's avatar

    Gm brother Shem nice see u back👊👍

  • Chuck's avatar

    So good

  • Chuck's avatar

    So good to see you again and looking fantastic!

  • Lisa's avatar

    There he is! Thanks for the info last night. 🙏 Ordered that tea for my Son. Hugs

  • Brian's avatar

    Glad you're back! 👊👍

  • Shem's avatar

    @Jacob Glad to be Back Brotah Jacob ☕️🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @Dave Henson GreatMawning Brotah Dave ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @Ted GreatMawning Brotah Ted glad to be Back just catching up on Everything and Everyone hope all is well on your End ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @William GreatMawning Brotah William Glad to be Back Sir ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @Chuck Thank you Brotah Chuck for those kind words hope all is good your way ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @Lisa GreatMawning Kiddo good deal keep me posted much love ☕️🤠🤙🏼☀️🔥☀️

  • Shem's avatar

    @Brian GreatMawning Brotah Brian Glad to be Back ☕️🤠🤙🏼☀️🔥

  • Donovan's avatar

    SSSHHHEEEEEMMMMMM 🤘 Glad to see you back brother.

  • Shem's avatar

    @Donovan Great Afternoon Brotah Donovan 🤟🏻🤠🤟🏻🔥☀️

  • Justin's avatar

    Was just wondering bout u good buddy. Glad all is well

  • Shem's avatar

    @Justin Great Afternoon Brotah Justin , All is good ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Ethan's avatar


  • Shem's avatar

    @Ethan ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

  • Larry's avatar

    Great to see you back! Was hoping that everything was good with you!

  • Shem's avatar

    @Larry Glad to be Back Brotah Larry ☕️🤠🤙🏼🔥☀️

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Shem M


“New Jersey pine barrens “ I do a lot of bushcrafting, love the Outdoors ! Not all who wander are lost! ☕️😉👍🏼🐍🐺🧺🦗🐞🥓🐿🌿🌾🍂🌱🌲🏕🛶⛺️🔥🍃🍁 https://etsy.me/35kGLIV 🇺🇸 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI_TysyScpqFMOi8A6qNItQ

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