Embarking on a DIY Colorado Elk Trip: Days 1 and 2 in Gunnison Co.

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scouting & hunting prep4H 0M
  • We were out there too. We hunted a drop camp. Packed in by horse. We got one bull out of 3 in our camp. It was a physically demanding hunt. Just glide for those horses. It was 8 miles from the trailhead. What a week!

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    @Chappel the horses are the way to go. I know after the last couple years I’ve been thinking pretty seriously about getting a couple. It sounds like you had a good time we just got the one out of 5 guys. I know what your saying about physically demanding. The only thing about these type of hunts is that if you actually kill something don’t matter if it’s a trophy or not the sense of accomplishment is huge at least for me it is. Hopefully your shop is filling up with deer heads by now.

  • In our particular case the elk were down on private land. So every morning we d hike down closer the the property line in hopes they d come up a little. Problem was to get back to camp was all uphill. I dreaded that hike every night but took my time 20 yds at a time. I’m 55 so it was challenging. Not used to the mountain air either, which I gasped for at times. Each day got easier and I’m glad I did do some exercise prep but it was nt enough. I’ll work harder next time. I was more worried about shooting my rifle at 500 yds when I should have concentrated more on my physical condition 😀

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