Successful 2023: My Doe Hunt

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Whitetail Doe

  • rifle
  • private
    land type
  • 50
    distance (yards)
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    Do you mind me asking what county you live in?

  • Brian's avatar

    Congratulations on getting some meat for the freezer and good luck in 2023.👍

  • Danny's avatar

    Congrats. Don’t be shy about bustin them does early or any time. I have killed does and had bucks come in shortly afterwards.

  • Ben's avatar

    Can’t eat antlers!

  • Elishia's avatar

    @Liam catoosa in north ga . but I hunt catoosa and walker, this doe came from walker

  • Elishia's avatar

    @Danny it was last shooting light and I was tired of watching deer walk! Hoping I can get a buck before end of season if not there’s always next year we still have some good ones coming thru but only feeding at night

  • Elishia's avatar

    @Brian thank you!!

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  • Elishia's avatar

    @Ben my 8 year old has got 3 this season and my husband has killed 4 between GA and Tn so mama was hunting some horns! Lol I don’t get to go as often

  • Liam's avatar

    @elishia ok thx

  • Danny's avatar

    @elishia He’s a nice one. Good luck

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Elishia R


Army vet🇺🇸 Love to hunt, fish, and go camping with my husband and 3 boys! Teaching them the love of the outdoors 🦌 🎣 ⛺️ 🦃 🦆

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