The Perfect Turkey Hunt

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  • shotgun
  • 20 lbs
  • 9.75
    beard length (in)
  • eastern
  • 2.25
    total spur length (in)
  • public
    land type
  • 1.25
    right spur length (in)
  • 1.25
    left spur length (in)
  • Ricky's avatar

    Awesome bird, sounds like a fun hunt, congrats

  • David's avatar

    Definitely a picture perfect hunt on a beautiful Tom! Congratulations!🦃👍👊

  • Eli's avatar

    @Ricky it sure was!! One I worked hard for and won't forget right away

  • Eli's avatar

    @David thank you!! It wad about as close to perfect as I've ever seen a hunt go

  • Southeastern's avatar

    Man congratulations! What an awesome story. I bet your heart was pounding when that first click happened and you realized you were about to have to rack one with him that close!

  • Eli's avatar

    @Southeastern I was in disbelief anyway that it worked!! He actually started strutting right as I was doing it and never had a clue I was there...still have no idea what he thought it was

  • Southeastern's avatar

    @Eli He thought it was the craziest sounding yelp he’d ever heard haha!

  • Ricky's avatar

    @Southeastern 😂 last one he’ll ever hear

  • Eli's avatar

    @Southeastern lol must have🤣😂he probably never saw another human in his life that wanted to kill him cuz nobody was stupid enough to pack a shotgun up that mountain

  • Southeastern's avatar

    @Eli Well good for you for getting it done! 🦃

  • Southeastern's avatar

    @Ricky You got that right!

  • Eli's avatar

    @Ricky his buddy probably won't fall for it though😂🤣 I might just have to start loading my gun to call them in if nothing else works

  • Ricky's avatar

    @Eli 😂 you’re probably right

  • Wes's avatar

    Congratulations on an awesome hunt!

  • Eli's avatar

    @Wes thank you!! One I'll never forget!!

  • Matt's avatar

    I life and hunt with in 20 minutes probably of where you killed that gobbler . I have to agree with you it’s some of the pretty country you will ever see .blessed to live here !

  • Eli's avatar

    @Matt it sure was some pretty country!! Anybody that's ever driven the blue ridge parkway knows has probably looked at where I killed this gobbler as it's only about a mile away...

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Eli Z


Obsessed with bowhunting mature public land bucks...amateur wildlife photographer and videographer...most of my content goes to Instagram if you want to follow along throughout the year

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