Eating Venison from a Doe Covered in Warts: Is it Safe?

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  • Greg's avatar

    The articles I have read claim the warts don’t penetrate past the hide so the meat is untainted. Lots of stuff online about it. I’d have to see it skinned out myself to make the decision.

  • Bruce's avatar

    Nasty. What would cause that?

  • Roger's avatar

    @Bruce probably some type of virus I would say. I don’t know be she’s got to go if I see her when the season comes in.

  • Ted's avatar

    Had a few like that on camera before the warts will fall of

  • Jamie's avatar

    Poor girl. I’d ask game and fish. Send them the pic maybe you could get a management tag for her

  • Scott's avatar

    I haven’t seen one in several years, with that said 15-20 years ago I saw one during ow season in Montgomery county completely covered. He eyes, lips and neck were a giant mass of warts.

  • Skip's avatar

    Yes. They are fibroma s and generally dont interfere with meat. In some cases they may get around eyes, etc and cause deer to become evacuated or succumb to other illnesses

  • Skip's avatar

    They are very similar to warts on humans

  • Ted's avatar

    Some call them Cattle warts

  • Trevynn's avatar

    It is called chronic waste disease

  • Gobbler Knob's avatar

    I encountered this often as a game warden. While unsightly, these papilloma affect the skin only. It does not affect the meat. With that said, it’s up to you to decide whether you’d eat it.

  • Doug's avatar

    @Trevynn no, no it's not. Just warts....

  • Robert's avatar

    @Bradley ever seen this?

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  • Joe's avatar

    Me d o me ßmokh

  • Anthony's avatar

    Getting anxious for archery to open!!

  • Roger's avatar

    When we had cattle once in a while a cow would have them and we would put bacon grease on them and it would clear it up so just catch that deer and grease her up🤔👍

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  • Kim's avatar

    I heard that the. Virus may be carried by Deer. I hope not but maybe.

  • Hollan's avatar

    It’s probably CWD or bluetoung, I would not eat it

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