Earned Wrinkles: A Wake-Up Call to Live with Purpose

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    I was thinking of a lot of "canned" responses like "life never gives you more then you can handle" and crap like that. It just doesn't feel right.
    Life sometimes sucks, that's the truth.
    My prayers peace are with you.

  • Wade's avatar

    Sorry for your loss. Praying for everyone involved

  • Casey's avatar

    You're doing you!👍🏼👍🏼

  • 🛻🚜Jeff's avatar

    @Rachelle Hang tuff, life is hard no doubt. Keep the faith and that wonderful smile. It will be infectious to those around you.

  • Butch's avatar

    Rachelle, 3 months before my 50th birthday I woke up in the hospital and had survived life threatening surgery! I changed my life completely just like the last few paragraphs in your posts! I’m now 72 and I have never regretted that decision!! My wife, 4 kids, 18 grandchildren and two great grandchildren have never regretted it either. Nobody can do it for you. Go get your life back and good luck

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    Enjoy every sandwich young lady.

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  • John's avatar

    Enjoy every sandwich young lady.

  • David's avatar

    Sorry for your loss Rachel. You do you and don't apologize for it.

  • Tom's avatar

    It’s not attitude it’s personality that some may not agree with. Keep the personality and flush those that can’t handle it.

  • Dave's avatar

    With the lord in front and the past behind I’m praying for the next wrinkle to be from a loving sumbitchin smile 🙏 just like the one in this post. 👊🏼👊🏼

  • Nathan's avatar

    I’ve really embraced aging over the last few years. Life is fleeting, fragile, and wonderful. I’m trying my best to be intentional about living it also. Great post, and thanks for sharing your perspective!

  • I am so sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose someone you love. I lost my fiance two months ago. His death was completely unexpected and hit me like a freight train roaring full speed ahead that I didn't see coming. I am utterly heartbroken and my whole life and world has been turned upside down. I took for granted that we had many more years left to enjoy each other, many more adventures and beautiful memories to be had. It all came to a screeching halt the day he passed. Most days I feel lost, lonely, sad and empty. I am trying to move forward with God's help to navigate the grieving process and adjust to a life without the sweetest, most amazing man who had been a part of my life for 30 years. We were inseparable best friends from the moment we met. We were to be married this summer. I have learned a very harsh and painful lesson to never take life and loved ones for granted by assuming they will always be there. It is difficult to imagine a life and future without him. Many have told me the best way to honor his life and memory would be to continue doing the things we loved, and were important to us. So, I am going to get back to the oudoors, nature photography, music, art, and making a positive difference in this world just as he would have wanted me to. I will be praying for you that your heart will heal, and you will once again have joy and happiness with newfound purpose.

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    You keep smiling!! God said to count it all joy . Your good to go ..

  • Paul's avatar

    So sorry for your loss. Going through the same. Hang in there

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    Stay strong, your smile is beautiful , and infectious, under any sky. Keep on trekking.

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