Double Checking the Ruger Zero with Leupold Optics and Liberty Cans for Whitetail Hunting

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  • That’s a nice set up, I’m wanting to get my Dad a 350, I hunt with the 450 Bushmaster and I love it lol.

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    @Stephen so far my son has shot a buck with it 2 years ago and I shit my biggest yet with it this year. His went 25yards. Mine was a neck shot and dropped him in his tracks. I have the 450 Mossberg patriot but would like a nice can before hunting with it. It’s a thumper lol

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    I’ve had mine for a couple of years and have taken three mature bucks with it, one made it about 20 yards and two dropped where they stood. My farthest shot is around ninety yards on my property so the 350 legend is plenty lethal. The Ruger Ranch 350 Legend is my go to deer rifle over my 243 or 308 , your dad will love it.

  • @Chris My Brother swears by neck shots lol, he shoots all of his in the neck, I’ve got a Bear Creek Arsenal AR 450 BM, with Leupold Optics on it, I don’t have a can on it but I always have ear plugs in when I shoot it lol, yeah it’s definitely a Thumper but I love mine. I pretty much retired my 30-06 last year when I got my 450.

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    I’m not sure how much a can will help but I’d like to find out. Also want to try some of those copper expanding subs with it!

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