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Gear tagged in this post


Gear tagged in this post

  • Jim's avatar

    I am a professional Hair Stylist. I satisfy many women a day, 5 days a week. My profession requires me to interact with the public…that’s why I fish as much as possible.

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    I work as a COO for an Industrial Services company… we do automated machining, manual matching/equipment repair, sandblasting and coating, as well as distributing mechanical seals and technical products.

  • Nate's avatar

    I’m a rancher, we sell angus beef on the commercial beef market.

  • Samuel's avatar

    Maintainence worker for a large private hunting & fishing club

  • Frank's avatar

    I’m a Vice President for a commercial roofing company in southwest Missouri. Family business we have seven family members employed plus the other employees as well.

  • Jesse's avatar

    I’m the assistant director of facilities and director of transportation and grounds. At a private school here in Arizona.

  • Matt's avatar

    I’m a technical writer for a defense contractor in eastern VA: computers all week, the woods and water all weekend.

  • Tyler's avatar

    Business Owner, Hedinger Stone Engraving. Self Explanatory, I engrave natural stones

  • William's avatar

    I drive a forklift in the mornings, training upland dogs of the afternoons, raise bob white quail. I guide for upland hunts October-March. Day work cows when I can.

  • Brandon's avatar

    Owner of a Home Medical Equipment company

  • Amos's avatar

    Project/Office Coordinator for a small electrical contractor

  • Boston's avatar

    Pipe layer

  • Matt's avatar

    Aircraft mechanic.

  • Jeff's avatar


  • Brad's avatar

    Box salesman here, like @JimLitwin says, that’s why I spend my off days in the woods or water as far away from people as possible!!

  • Roger's avatar

    I lead teams that manage large scale SaaS application infrastructure across private and public clouds.

  • Roger's avatar

    And, I'm a National Guard Warrant Officer.

  • Todd's avatar

    Foreman for county road department

  • Erik's avatar

    Physical Therapist

  • Mike's avatar

    Law enforcement. Retired as Undersheriff at the end of January and returned to the same position when asked to come back in April. Apparently nobody wants to get into (or stay) in LE nowadays. I wonder why?🤔

  • Joe's avatar

    22 years in the Army with 7 more to go. I started off enlisted as a signal guy. Now I’m a commissioned officer with a branch in Aviation as a UH60 and CH47 pilot with a functional area in space operations.

  • Cody's avatar

    Special education teacher and track and cross country coach.

  • Michael's avatar

    I work in the oilfield gor last 10 years, NCCCO c operator and I'm also a residential contractor on my week off. But after today I'll be putting in my 2 weeks for oilfield and going contractor full time again. I've got too many kids and would rather not work 120hr work weeks out of town anymore so I can see them everyday.

  • Michael's avatar

    I work in the oilfields for last 10 years, NCCCO operator and a residential contractor when jobs come up. But after today I'll be putting in my 2 weeks for the oilfield and going contractor full time again. I have too many kids that I never get to see when working 120+hr work weeks out of town and I'm over it.

  • Chris's avatar

    Attorney with my own practice and own a real estate closing company. Goal is freedom of money and time to be able to work less and hunt more.

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Mike @Joe thank you for your service.

  • Mike's avatar

    @GoWild 👊🇺🇸👊

  • Cody's avatar

    I’ve done a lot but currently I am a title clerk at a dealership. It’s not glamorous but it’s 8-5 so I can be with family in the evenings. Which is important to me.

  • Tj's avatar

    I am a design engineer for a spring company for the automotive and aerospace industries.

  • Tj's avatar

    @Brad I’d imagine this would require thinking inside the box?

  • Josh's avatar

    Heavy equipment operator for a fiber internet company and grow gourmet mushrooms on the side.

  • CJ's avatar

    Senior Software developer

  • Mason's avatar

    Senior VP, correctional health care industry. Veteran as well.👍

  • Lyle's avatar


  • Ryan's avatar

    Special Education Teacher and coach 3 sports (CC, wrestling, and baseball). Help out at a sweet corn and pumpkin farm during harvest.

  • Ryan's avatar

    Maintenance/Engineering Supervisor

  • Dustin's avatar

    UX/UI designer

  • Nathan's avatar

    I work in public accounting, specifically tax. I am completing my masters as we speak and plan to get my CPA license and get my career started!

  • Lane's avatar

    Welder 9-5 and owner of a tree removal business

  • Cameron's avatar

    Quality control inspector for a steel company.

  • David's avatar

    Building maintenance for a local school district.

  • James's avatar

    Police Officer for a municipality on the west side of a large city, assigned to patrol. Also armorer for Glock and AR-15 Carbine.

  • Thomas's avatar

    Industrial Maintenance Electrician at a sawmill

  • Lisa's avatar

    Loved this question, Donovan! What a great group we have here! I'm a hardcore "professional" housewife! Lol.😉 I go non stop and often can't sleep at night for the heaviness of making sure my two sons have a solid foundation in life (spiritually & educationally, etc)😉. I do have my Class B CDL, and drove for Glacier Nat'l park, but also was a dental assistant for 8 years.

  • Nathan's avatar

    I’m a marriage and family therapist. Been in mental health for about 16 years now.

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Mike I’ve always wanted to get into LE. Now I couldn’t afford it, and my wife wouldn’t let me.

  • Michael's avatar

    Engineering manager for a manufacturing company in OKC. We build custom automated equipment.

  • Wayne's avatar

    Natural gas pipeline inspector, we handle distribution and transmission lines running through louisville, KY and surrounding areas.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Can maker here. Intricate part of the supply chain. Helping keep you local grocery store shelves filled

  • Mike's avatar

    @Nathan looks you’re serving in an honorable profession already. I’m sure you deal with a lot of the same folks as LE, just in a different manner👊

  • Nathan's avatar

    @Mike very true!

  • Darrin's avatar

    Heavy equipment operator by day, cabinet and furniture maker by night. Hopefully that side gig becomes successful enough to allow me to really enjoy my retirement soon.

  • Ray's avatar

    Pastor of a Baptist church

  • Eddie's avatar

    I’m a Chief of Police in a small town in Alabama. @Mike is right, no one wants to get in or stay in LE anymore.

  • RKE 🏕️'s avatar

    @Eddie such a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in. We desperately need good men to serve in LE, and on the other hand, can’t blame them for not wanting to stay. I did it for 5 years and got out 16 years ago for reasons other than our current state of the union. My oldest 2 have aspirations to be in LE when the time comes; oldest want to be a Game Warden and the next in line wants to be a Deputy Sheriff. I both love and hate their desires.

  • Tyler's avatar

    Laborer superintendent for a large construction company. Concrete finisher, operator and lots of demolition. Church, family hunting and fishing in my off time. 💪💪

  • Chuck's avatar

    I am an Ag Lender for a private lending group

  • Mike's avatar

    @Eddie the first hiring pool I ran was for 1 opening and we had almost 400 applicants. Now we have 3 openings and 2 applicants. I sure hope the pendulum swings back.. be safe bro.

  • Adam's avatar

    I’m a firefighter…. Love my career…. As an added bonus I have a ton of time off to spend in the woods.

  • Samuel's avatar

    Student, excavation worker(mostly ground crew), and working on starting a kennel for breeding and training English Field cockers and springers. But mostly just a high-school student.

  • Alex's avatar

    Nurse assistant - in Hospital

  • Arne's avatar

    Heavy equipment operator for demolition & civil jobs

  • Jim's avatar

    Corrections Deputy for 12 years now Animal control Deputy now for the same department.

  • Shane's avatar

    Government Building Superintendent for the City and volunteer firefighter, 25 and 24 years respectively.

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    I’m a consulting forester; I own and run portable rock climbing wall and my brother and I are starting a business with locally themed apparel.

  • Kayla's avatar

    I work at bath and body works, do commercial/residential cleaning, window washer, and odd work (interior home painting, selling kettle corn at fairs, painting art)

  • Mat's avatar

    I am an agronomist/crop consultant. I help farmers grow more/better crops. Best part of my job is I have LOTS of access to farms😜😉🤣😂

  • David's avatar

    @Roger thanks for your service.

  • David's avatar

    @Joe thanks for your service.

  • David's avatar

    @Mike thanks for your service Mike.

  • Mike's avatar

    @David thank you sir 👊

  • Nicholas's avatar

    Superintendent for a commercial construction company

  • Kyle's avatar

    Regional Account executive for an engineering and manufacturing firm focusing on prisons water systems.

  • Jordan's avatar

    Maintenance director for a school district

  • Shane's avatar

    Agent in charge for a state agency. Preach on brothers in blue, life is not what it used to be. Too many wolves and not enough sheep dogs.

  • Logan's avatar

    Framing Foreman for families General Contracting company. Have also been a supervisor when they needed someone to fill in. My free time is filled with being a Christian and my wife and twins then hunting and fishing when I have the time.

  • Clint's avatar


  • Brian's avatar

    Retired radiation technician for a nuclear power plant.

  • Kingham's avatar

    I'm a farm manager. I manage 6,000 acres for one guy and his family to come and hunt. Been doing it for three years now and I'm done with it and looking for a new job. Too many long days and I work by myself, and my boss like to play"keeping up with the lakoskys" too much. Kinda sucked the fun out of hunting for me if I'm being honest.

  • Matt's avatar

    Steel mill maintenance mechanic

  • Matt's avatar

    @Mike thanks for your service

  • Matt's avatar

    @Roger thanks for your service

  • Matt's avatar

    @Joe thanks for your service

  • Matt's avatar

    @Mason thanks for your service

  • Wade's avatar

    Maintenance director at a long term health care facility

  • Geoff's avatar

    I’m a taxidermist and electrician here in Washington

  • Matt's avatar

    Paramedic firefighter and educator in both disciplines here in Michigan for about two decades. I echo @Mike with not enough recruits in any public safety roles, truly a national emergency in the making. Love this app and those with similar passions connecting, keep up the solid work GoWild!!

  • David's avatar

    Work for Dollar General. Travel Northern Illinois and sometimes into Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana. Stock freight, set up new seasonal displays, set up new planograms, get stores ready for inventory, get stores beautified for corporate visits, set up brand new stores, do relocations, do remodels. Home every day.

  • David's avatar

    @Matt thanks for your service as a first responder to your community.

  • David's avatar

    @RKE thanks for your time in uniform. I don't blame you for how you feel about your two sons career choices. Its downright disgusting on how our LEOs are being treated.

  • David's avatar

    @Eddie thank you for putting on that uniform for your community.

  • David's avatar

    @Brad yeah same here. Work in retail myself.

  • David's avatar

    @Jim that explains the long hair. Must be a lot of good looking women in your area.😁

  • David's avatar

    @Roger thank you for your service to our country.

  • David's avatar

    @Mike gee yeah I wonder why. I've said it before but thank for putting on the uniform my friend!

  • David's avatar

    @Joe thank you for your service to our country.

  • David's avatar

    @Mason thank you for your service.

  • 🛻🚜Jeff's avatar

    @Donovan Retired IT person

  • Tom's avatar

    Husband and father first then shipping and receiving super for large hardwood lumber co.

  • Curt's avatar

    @Donovan I'm a utility worker for local Government. I operate robotics with cameras to televise and inspect underground sewer lines. I believe I have one of the coolest jobs and everyday is different.

  • Jordan's avatar

    @Curt Sounds pretty crappy🤭

  • Curt's avatar

    It's a $hitty job. 🤣

  • Arne's avatar

    My 1st truck driving job when I turned 16 was pumping out porta potties & septic tanks. Didn’t get many dates that summer, but the job paid pretty good so I had lots of money for beer…🤣

  • Jake's avatar


  • Bruce's avatar

    Retired. Full time Pops. Lol

  • Adam's avatar


  • Jeff's avatar

    Well, dam!! It looks like I might be an odd man out. I spent 12 years at the state prison here in Montana, I'm a driver for Big Brown now! I've been there for going on 15 years

  • Jared's avatar

    Dept of Energy sneaky boi

  • Jared's avatar

    @Joe maybe you gave me a lift a time or two 😎 chief

  • N's avatar

    Health insurance, VBP contracting Manager

  • Justin's avatar

    High School custodian. 😎

  • Sammy's avatar

    Licensed Mental Health Counselor

  • Adam's avatar

    pipe fitter/commercial refrigeration. I have been building and remolding grocery stores all over the eastern half of the country to keep everyone's food cold/frozen for the past 22 years.

  • Chase's avatar

    Marine construction here

  • Clint's avatar

    My wife and I own and operate sober living facilities in AL. We have a program for female residents and also a separate program for men. We are Taproot Recovery

  • Caleb's avatar

    IBEW Electrician

  • Simon's avatar

    Dairy farmer from Pennsylvania trying to start my own gig farming.

  • Joshua's avatar

    Limestone miner so when ya throw out that truelime or the 98g on your soil that’s me made right in the great state of iowa

  • Jake's avatar

    Firefighter/medic in NKY

  • Dany's avatar

    Owner operator fine jewelry and pawn shop. Gemologist

  • Maddie's avatar

    My major is Fish and wildlife management

  • Jake's avatar

    Pastor of a baptist church in OH

  • Dave's avatar

    Special education teacher and case manager

  • Neal's avatar

    I’m a pastor.

  • Joe's avatar

    Electrician during the week and welder on the side

  • Eric's avatar

    Project manager (overseeing floodplain mapping and flood mitigation studies) - wishing I was the one outside doing the work instead lol

  • Corey's avatar

    Luthier. If you don’t know what a luthier is then don’t worry about it, I’m not sure I even know what it is. 😅

  • Donovan's avatar

    @Corey 😆

  • David's avatar

    @Corey I've heard of it but can't remember what it is.🤣

  • Jared's avatar

    Dept of Energy Naval Protective Force.

  • Larry's avatar

    Drummer/Percussionist. Mostly freelance but I do a fair amount of steady work with a couple of bands.

  • John's avatar

    Health inspector & still help out on my cousins farm when I’m off work & not chasing around 3 kiddos

  • Shawn's avatar

    I do construction and do woodworking on the side. Im also getting into building game calls

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