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  • Andrey's avatar

    Glad you joined the club. I left FB ten years ago after people attacked my 5 yr old son for his first turkey. Zuckerberg sucks

  • Mike's avatar

    @Brad started GoWild for that very reason 💪👊

  • Cameron's avatar

    Most people on FB are terrible. I’m in a few groups that aren’t full of those kind. Have left a good many because most were rude.

  • Richard D.'s avatar

    I often than God that I never drank that Kool-Aid! Lol

  • Nate's avatar

    Been gone for almost three years. Zero regret.

  • Donnie's avatar

    The question was should he hunt over a corn pile on December 31st and if it was worth it. You would have thought he said could he hunt on there property with corn! People were so quick to make fun of this kid every member that said it should have been removed from the group. I noticed several post all alike.

  • Ted's avatar

    Never had Facebook or instagram

  • Justin's avatar

    You should see how trappers are treated. Sadly some of them are hunters that do it to. 🤦‍♂️

  • Amy's avatar

    I've never had Facebook and never plan to!

  • Rainer's avatar

    I have a fb and I’m glad I started listening to @Zach on The Hunting Public podcast and found out about GoWild! No shaming, no disrespect and nothing but teaching and positivity! I just hope GoWild blows up and everyone who feels the way we do utilizes it.

  • Jason's avatar

    @Rainer exactly how I found it!

  • Arne's avatar

    @Ted I’m with you! But I may just start a twitter account in light of recent events…. Maybe

  • Arian's avatar

    I’m there to keep up with out of town family and friends. I am a part of a few groups but I just scroll on more than I read it seems. Glad to see another Ky native here.

  • T.J.'s avatar

    I dropped FB 2 years ago. One of my better decisions.

  • Jahred's avatar

    I left last year also. People don’t always realize how addicting that crap is.

  • Chad's avatar

    Just left Instagram. I already love GoWild. Positive energy here and can open up and see folks enjoying nature instead of complain about other people’s lives.

  • Mike's avatar

    @Arne I did. Flitter is still aids if you ask me.

  • Mike's avatar

    Following. No regrets here either. I call it Fakebook.

  • Brad's avatar

    No Facebook or Instagram for me either. Glad we have this GoWild fam. ❤️

  • Dan's avatar

    I got rid of fb a almost a year ago. I don’t regret it one bit

  • Gary's avatar

    I’m hoping to do the same …… only thing that keeps me around Facebook is the fundraising capabilities for our nonprofit.

  • Okayest Hunter's avatar

    Welcome to the promise land 👏

  • Donnie's avatar

    I’m leaving instagram to! Im done. Looks like promoting this platform is the future for me!

  • Jon's avatar

    I kicked FB to the curb in 2010 and never looked back. I consider it one of my great life decisions.

  • Nicholas's avatar

    The one group I’m in on there it’s nothing but guys getting upset that a young kid shot a yearling, or that an adult shot a small 5 or 6 point as their first buck, drives me nuts!

  • U.P.'s avatar

    Ive been debating to leave FB too but as of late I think I'd leave Twitter before FB now. Twitter has gotten horrible.

  • U.P.'s avatar

    @Arne ...I'd quit Twitter before FB. Twitter has gotten BAD as of late.

  • Dave's avatar

    Here, Here! Much agreed

  • RollTruck's avatar

    my Mom did that awhile ago and she is very glad

  • Wade's avatar

    That’s what I like about go wild. No bunny huggers here😜

  • Wade's avatar

    @Nicholas that’s right the trophy is in the eye of the beholder. If you’re proud of it I don’t care if it’s a spike I’m proud of you and for you

  • Ted's avatar

    @Arne nope

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