Dogtra Pathfinder vs Alpha: A Comparison Review from a Non-Paid User

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  • Kyle's avatar

    Price was I like the dogtre. I haven’t had any issues to wanna switch

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    @Kyle I’m in the same boat. So far I have 3 track and train collars and one track only. One of them is the mini and I get as good of signal out of that one as I do the big collars.

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Jamey I’m going to order a mini soon. I got a new pup gotta have 2 now lol.

  • Jamey's avatar

    @Kyle I run the mini on my cur. He’s about 40 lbs.

  • Kyle's avatar

    @Jamey I got a mtn cur he’s right at 80 lbs

  • Chip's avatar

    I run beagles and I’ve had both. As for Dogtra, I think they work fine for what I need, but I am afraid of the reliability. I’ve hunted the exact same areas with both. My Garmin Alpha’s signal was much stronger and my Dogtra will drop out at half the distance. Now I have 2 collars that have had major gps failures while hunting and I’m starting to think I might regret my decision to swap. And I hate to say that because as a system, I like the Dogtra better. It is much easier to navigate, cost effective and way better graphics. But I have had a significant reduction in reliability, IMO. And I take care of my collars, proper storage and all that jazz, but my beagles put them through HEAVY abuse.

  • Jamey's avatar

    @Chip I ran beagles for 20+ years. We chased cottontails and swamp rabbits and they put equipment through the ringer. Way more than my big hounds and curs

  • Chip's avatar

    @Jamey yessir! It doesn’t take long to recognize the hard work beagles do! I also run a ton of swampers here in the Mississippi delta, 800 yards out before making a turn can make a cottontail only guy nervous! 😅

  • Daniel's avatar

    @Jamey I used both and much prefer the Dogtra

  • Corey's avatar

    We sell both and see where they have there pros and cons. If you ever need tech support or help give me a call 9046921568

  • Stephen's avatar

    I’m disappointed with Garmin right now, my tt15 collar lost gps reception and wouldn’t track, the tone, shock and collar lights still worked but it wouldn’t track. I called Garmin and they asked me if I had updated my collar, I had just done a software update on my Alpha 100 handheld but not the collar. So I had to download Webupdater software to my computer because you can’t update the tt15 on Garmin Express, I downloaded it and updated the collar and it still wouldn’t pair up with the handheld and track. I called Garmin back and told them that I updated the collar and it still won’t pair up and they said it was probably the gps module and the repair would be $160.44 plus tax total bill $172.44, I paid it and they emailed me the shipping label and I sent it to them. They told me to take everything off the battery and module, take off the collar strap, antenna, and the contact points, when I got the collar back from Garmin the paperwork said that they replaced the whip antenna and done a software update. They didn’t have to replace the gps module. I called Garmin to question them about the $172.44 for a antenna and a update, they said that $172.44 for a

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Jamey M


I’m a hound hunting enthusiast. If it can be chased with a hound, I love it. I have Black and Tan coonhounds and Black and Tan beagles. You can throw in a cur as well

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