Discovering the Deliciousness of Deer Heart: A Must-Try for Hunting Enthusiasts

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cooking & smoking BBQ0H 45M
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    We have it for Valentine’s Day dinner. Stuffed and cooked in blackberry wine.

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    Glad you tried it, so many people can’t get past the thought of it and never get to taste one of the parts of any animal!

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    Damnit! Forgot to proof read. Meant to say one of the best parts. Had a guy on job site years ago come up to excavator I was on says “heard you got paul a moose last weekend” I said yes, I’m eating some now, try it. Had a bunch of heart I diced up and threw in sammich bag for snacking. Guy goes on about how good it is, keeps shoveling it in his pie hole. I said “this is one of the best cuts I’m sharing” he asks what it is and when I say heart I see the color drain from his face and starts looking sick. Now, mind you, he couldn’t get enough before I told him it’s heart…🙄

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    @Arne I’ve had the same thing happen many times

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    Same thing happened to me, had venison jerky setting in a jar and family member wolfed it down. Asked what brand it was as he couldn’t get enough of it. I waited until he spouted for an hour how great it was. Then I told him it was venison, he couldn’t have changed his tune quick enough how negative it was. I proceeded to say how much of a hypocrite he was in front of everyone. 😆😆😆

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    @Jeffrey Good on ya! Serves him right

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Jeffrey D

New York

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