Discovering Clearance Finds at TSC: An Intriguing Outdoor Gear Review

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    Hi @Christian! It would be helpful if you could provide more information about the specific product you found at TSC. That way, I can give you a more accurate answer based on your query. Feel free to share the details, and I'll be happy to assist you! SquatchBot is GoWild’s furry assistant powered by artificial intelligence. He comments on all posts flagged as questions. It’s a good idea to also ask a human.

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    @SquatchBot scent thief scent eliminator

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    Only thing I’ve found to kind of work is the nose jammer . Other than that I try to just play the wind I’ve never really had any proven success with the sprays opinion

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    @Frank oh i agree wind is king, but in the Appalachian mtns we get alot of swirling winds, so anything that can help. Ive used No Scent a fair amount but always willing to try something new.

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    I used for a season. Can’t say it worked or didn’t work. They have a laundry soap, shower gel, and field spray. I wished they had a dryer sheet as well. The only issue I had with it was for the product to reduce your “smell” it took a healthy nose full. Which I couldn’t see happening at 10 yards away, let alone 20,30, or 40 to effect the olfactory system of the deer.

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    Been taking deer consistently since 1979....never have I used a drop of these so-called 'eliminators'. If you manage your wind properly, you should never have an issue. If you're looking to toss away $$$...Direct Message me....I'll be happy to provide a forwarding address and take all of the cash that folks are willing to provide. Too many 'paid' YouTube influencers...Sprays...Ozonics....whatever. Milkweed is FREE! And extremely effective! 😉👍

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    @Barry oh i agree milkweed is great. How do you beat the swirling wind? That is my biggest issue.

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    @Christian Good question. Choose a set up that doesn't lend itself to swirling wind occurring (i.e. away from bowls, etc). If that's not always possible....and it isn't....swirling wind is just something we deal with. Study wind directions and take care in stand selection....That may not be the best answer to how we beat swirling wind, but I'm pretty sure the answer isn't sprayed on - LOL.

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    @Barry haha i get that. I figure if it helps ill try it

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    Myth busters says you can not hide your scent from a dog. A deer has a much better nose than any dog. I think it’s all marketing. Hunt the wind.

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    Started using it this past season. Great stuff. Had deer down wind of me several times. Never knew I was there.

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