Discovering a Free Range Shed in Oakland, Michigan: Our Son's Exciting Find

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  • Chris's avatar

    That thing is huge!!!

  • Brandy's avatar

    Thank you!! At this age, boys need to stay interested in this type of rack!!!

  • Brian's avatar


  • Jenn's avatar

    Wow! 😮

  • Andy's avatar

    What in the world?!

  • Brandy's avatar

    Free range !! Not even kidding! Just want to make sure I stated that again! We’re still dumbfounded!

  • Randall's avatar

    Hell of a set

  • Dale 's avatar


  • Justin's avatar


  • Seth's avatar


  • Cam's avatar

    WOW!!! AWESOME!!!

  • Brian's avatar

    Damn what a find

  • Chad's avatar


  • Derek's avatar

    Give it a year or two and it will be a good one:)

  • Ken's avatar

    Dang that is a huge shed!! Did you know that this deer was even around?

  • Brandy's avatar

    Ken, he was seen by others, but not us!

  • Denise's avatar

    Holy Moly...what a great find!

  • Johnny's avatar

    Damn good job!!!

  • Mike's avatar

    😮. Scare that thing to the west side would ya?? Wow

  • Matt's avatar

    Good God!

  • Robert's avatar

    Dam nice shed 🤜💥🤛

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  • Daniel's avatar

    Has he found the matching set yet or just the one?

  • Linda's avatar

    Incredible! Hope you see him alive next season!!

  • Justin's avatar


  • Brian's avatar

    Damn no e now you just have to get him on the wall

  • Justin's avatar

    Holy Smokes!!!!

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