Disappointing Delivery: Cabela's Double Man Stand Arrives Damaged and Incomplete

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  • Arne's avatar

    I had same experience with them few months ago. Elliptical was so banged up you couldn’t get it to turn…& missing pieces as well

  • Ryan's avatar

    @Arne wow unreal… sad thing is, FedEx is bringing me two other tree stands this week… so I’m concerned about those now too.

  • Brian's avatar

    Sounds like typical FedEx, 3 of last 5 packages have been delivered to random neighbors houses. Reading an address must not be part of there training haha

  • Rachel's avatar

    I would contact the store where I got it and see if they’ll refund you

  • Ryan's avatar

    @Rachel thanks for the advice and help. I did reach out yesterday and we came up with a solution. Thanks again

  • Ryan's avatar

    @Brian ain’t no lie man. FedEx usually doesn’t bring us packages, so we haven’t really experienced it.

  • Rachel's avatar

    @Ryan good if also reach out to fedex with pics and show them what’s happening. Probably won’t help unfortunately but at least they’d know

  • Zach's avatar

    I know there are a few Rural King stores in VA, but not sure how close you are to any. I’d check with them the next time you want to purchase a ladder stand. I bought one a couple years back and it’s by far my favorite 2 man stand that I own. The seat is kind of like a trampoline net type material and it also has a back rest incorporated into it. Shooting rail height is adjustable. I think it was 18 feet tall. Great stand and I didn’t have to worry about a delivery company messing anything up. I picked it up off the shelf and put it in the bed of my truck. I think the brand was Rivers Edge if I’m not mistaken.

  • Ryan's avatar

    @Zach Rual King? Ok I never heard of that… but I have heard of the river edge stands they are amazing but so expensive. But I may invest in one in time. I do have a Rivers Edge Lock On coming tomorrow. Excited about, it’s my first rivers edge stand

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Ryan H


Love shooting 3D and excited to get in to Bow hunting. Been shooting 3D for about two years and now gonna start bow hunting Whitetails in Va. Plan to do some public land hunting as well as some private land hunting.

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