Delicious Venison Recipes!

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    Nice 💪💪

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    How many deer is that?

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    @Dave I filled 3 tags this season 1 buck and 2 doe. I keep most of the prime cuts for steaks and roasts but everything else gets ground. Last year I made a bunch of breakfast sausage. Next season if I’m lucky enough I’d like to try my hand at making some summer sausage.

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    @Dillon It all looks so good!

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    @Dave I would recommend trying it. After trimming down all the venison (cutting out tendons and other non desirable parts) I ended up with 45 lbs. I added 15 pounds of straight pork fat I got from our local butcher. Ran it all through the grinder twice. Split batches up (20 lbs each), added the seasonings, ran them each through the grinder one more time. Let them sit overnight in the fridge so seasonings could have a chance to work into the meat. Next day, I started casing each batch. I used natural hog casings. Once I was done casing all 2 batches I put them back in the fridge over night. Last day I spent vacuum sealing everything and labeling. I recommend checking out PS seasonings website.

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    @Dillon 3 batches*

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    I love PS Seasoning

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    Their peppercorn and garlic jerky seasoning is the best I’ve had

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    @Tom awesome I may give it a try. We have a family recipe that I usually use.

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    That's a fun day there!

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