Dialing in My New Hoyt Ventum 33: Archery Practice Challenges and Preparing for the Reinhart R100 Shoot

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    Looks like you guys where having some fun! Keep up the good shooting. How do you like the Reinhart R100? I’ve been wanting to go to one, just haven’t made it happen yet.

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    Thanks, my boss and I and our shooting team of kids competed in our first one this year and had a blast. Long and tiring days as each course was 100 rounds. There was an African course and a North American course as well as a steel forest challenge which was pretty awesome (just don't plan on shooting your good arrows for that. Lol) On the steel forest you got 2 arrows and the last on standing with arrows and a high score wins. The African range had some crazy life size targets. There was a full size elephant, a girafe that was so tall you had to climb a ladder to get your arrow from the kill zone, full size TRex dinasours and exotic African animals, cobras, spiders in trees. It was really awesome. It was self paced and our courses were over a mile long to complete. This next year we have rented a huge house nearby that has a pool and a tennis court so a bunch of us can stay and relax afterwards and not have to drive each day.

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