Delicious Squirrel Recipes: Vegetable Soup and More!

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  • Keith's avatar

    Marinade and bbq for me. Italian dressing. I've stewed them, also! Always such great meat.

  • Kyler's avatar

    @Keith oh dang those sound amazing will definitely be trying those. Thanks!

  • Keith's avatar

    @Kyler of course!

  • James's avatar

    I like mine chicken and dumpling style

  • Owen's avatar

    Just roll them in flour and fry them in a skillet

  • Kyler's avatar

    @Owen I wanted to try that heard it’s real good!

  • Kyler's avatar

    @James oh that’s interesting never thought of that!

  • Eric's avatar

    Definitely try squirrel dumplings they’re amazing as @James said.

  • Luke's avatar

    With dumplings hands down

  • Kyler's avatar

    Dang thanks guys! I cant believe the amount of comments ive already gotten! Im definitely going to try this dumplings recipe y’all are talking about!

  • Richard's avatar

    Shredded and put in jambalaya, breaded and fried, or BBQ’d.

  • Chris's avatar

    If you’re roughing it, on a spit over the open camp fire is pretty tasty too.

  • Kevin 's avatar

    Sour cream squirrel. Its amazing

  • kevin's avatar

    I like to fry them in a skillet. Then I take the grease and make gravy. Good stuff especially with some biscuits.

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Brad will have something, he’s a mean cook also check out @From

  • Brad's avatar

    Here’s one:

  • Ferg's avatar

    @Brad that recipe looks mint man 👊🏻😎

  • Anthony's avatar

    Fried with franks red hot instead off eggs

  • Kyler's avatar

    Thanks everyone I think I’ll have enough recipes for the rest of the year 😂 looks like I gotta kill some squirrels now

  • Kory's avatar

    @Kyler I recommend the squirrel noodle soup that @Brad linked. I hear the cook that made it is a pretty good hunter too. Lol

  • Brad's avatar

    @Kory 😂

  • Kory's avatar

    Here's another good one.

  • Mark's avatar

    Beer biscuits and squirrel gravy

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Mainly a fisherman but also hunt. Love being outside.

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