Defending Yourself from a Bear in the Alaskan Wilderness: Where to Shoot?

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  • David's avatar

    Off with his head!

  • Tyler's avatar

    Center mass between elbows 💪💪

  • Rick's avatar

    Best chance to deter a bear would have to be aiming for his head/face. A body shot would probably make him more angry and cause him to charge. If your in that position chances are he’s coming your way and his face is front and center.

  • Cory's avatar

    Right where his neck meets his chest. Few arteries to hit

  • Kleen's avatar

    I don’t know much about bears but I was taught, “kill the head, the body will follow”

  • Eric's avatar

    If it’s standing like that and I’m able to think and then truly aim with my first shot - upward and back, through that wide open mouth.

  • Well If the bear is standing up then I’d go for center mass in the chest area, but if the bear was coming at me I’d go for the head.

  • Craig's avatar

    Head shot rather put him down then make him matter then what he already is

  • Gregg's avatar

    Head shot through the open mouth, aim point would be the tongue

  • CJ's avatar

    Head open mouth

  • Mike's avatar

    2 to the chest and 1 to the head for the photo. Otherwise, the best neck shot the angle allows for.

  • Matt's avatar

    At the ground. With mace.

  • John's avatar

    Head shot 🐻

  • Isaac's avatar

    Depends on my caliber. I’m going for right between the eyes

  • 🛻🚜Jeff's avatar


  • PJ's avatar

    The brown spot that’s coming for you! Make em all count and don’t stop until the bear does.

  • Steven's avatar

    Head and face if I can hold my hands steady enough

  • Chuck's avatar

    In my pants…..oh wait you said shooting! Center chest many times

  • Joshua's avatar

    Standing up like so, center mass to center high. Vitals or in the throat

  • Corey's avatar

    Head. Head. Head.

  • Charlie's avatar

    I’d shoot the pic-a-nic basket out of his paw and when he stopped to pick it up I’d Skedaddle! #PushYourRange

  • Scot's avatar


  • Liam's avatar

    Right between the eyes! #pushyourrange

  • GoWild's avatar

    @Chuck hahahahah

  • Derick's avatar

    Heart lungs 🫁 if you have a chance if he is right on you and you have to defend yourself and stay alive at that point anywhere you can hit him staying alive at that point is what matters

  • Gregg's avatar

    Head shot, center mass

  • Darren's avatar


  • Riley's avatar

    Head shot.

  • Nick's avatar

    Foot. Then he won’t be able to run!

  • Nick's avatar

    Uncle Joe told me to shoot at the legs, so that’s what I’m gonna do

  • Craig's avatar


  • Bruce's avatar

    If it’s up like that I’m shooting at the left jaw hing. Should go through the brain.

  • Jonathan's avatar

    Center mass

  • Ryan's avatar

    Center of head from that angle on the picture if I’m within 50 yards, if further upper center mass.

  • Samuel's avatar

    Shoot twice in the head, then mag dump the rest into his chest/center mass. That would make him bleed out even before he could reach me if he had a nerve reaction.

  • Jeremiah's avatar

    Right between the eyes

  • Jeff's avatar

    The only place I'd be looking! Right in the face!! All 15 out of the G-20

  • PinBall's avatar

    Mag dumping with a 10mm into center mass

  • PinBall's avatar

    But if it’s running at me, I’d go head. #pushyourrange

  • Logan's avatar

    Neck and head

  • Matt's avatar

    Head and neck area.

  • Matt's avatar

    Shoot him right in the dick hahaha

  • David's avatar


  • Douglas's avatar

    It head

  • Walker's avatar

    From chest to head

  • Rachel's avatar

    Head shot

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